Cardiovascular fitness class
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Cardio Fitness training is exercise that raises your heart rate enough to deliver oxygen to the muscles. When done regularly, it improves the delivery as it provides the individual with more energy, as well as promotes weight loss. When used to leap objects, flip around, and jump off things you get increased fun and look cool!

 Feel like running, jumping, dodging and just being wild then this is the class for you.  This is a fun extremely active class  It is for all levels.  This class will help you be creative and think while learning to jump over objects, tuck and roll, have great balance and strength.  Its a great way to take your gymnastic skills to the street.  We teach it in a fun safe environment.

What we do
  • wall flips
  • leap objects
  • land high jumps safely
  • Jump Obstacles
  • Slide under rails
  • avoid injury

Class Trainers


Wall Jumping spectacular.
  • Coach