Adventure Time

Adventure Time’s and Pricing


At Randy’s we encourage P.L.A.Y. (Performance, Learning, Activity, You). For this reason we host an Open Gym Adventure Time to encourage youth to be active in a fun and safe way.  Our equipment is available to our members, their friends, and guests of the gym so all can experience the fun of activity.

We emphasize safety during adventure time as there is a mix of experienced and inexperienced children and adults enjoying the equipment for that reason we expect all rules to be followed and reserve the right to revoke service if there is a safety concern.

Three Hour Time Slots

  • Per Person

  • $10
  • 3 Hours of Free Play.

  • Friday 7:00-11:00
  • Saturday 7:00-11:00
  • Must be 10 years and up
  • Additional Hour $4

Adventure Time Punch Passes

Adventure Time Annual Pass

  • Premium Unlimited Pass

  • $450
  • Good for all Adventure time.

  • All 2hr Adventure Time
  • All 3hr Adventure Time