Wickedly Healthy Me

28 Day Challenge

Are you ready for the Holidays?  Would you like to look your best and avoid the January blues.  Would like to get a head start on the new you while feeling great.
Let me give you some information of what the 28 Day Health Program offers.  First in joining our program you will become a part of our “Wickedly Healthy Me” private Facebook group and if you don’t do facebook you will get all the extra information I put on facebook by email.  You will also receive our 28 day support program listed below:
  1. Support group of friends with the same goal.
  2. Healthy recipes, meal plans, and snack ideas
  3. Exercise tips : Randy’s is offering a low impact exercise class once a week.- totally free for program members  Along with some live videos.
  4. Daily Tracking forms
  5. Nutritional education
  6. Daily Motivation/Accountability: We will have daily motivational posts and emails.
  7. Meal replacement shakes/supplements

In joining us we have 4 different enrollment options.  Each offers gives you a chance to get ready for the holidays and change your life.

These options are as follows:
  1. Be Healthy Deluxe Package/ Reset Program :   For those who are serious and who really want to change their life in a big way!                                                                                                   It includes :  Reset Kit – 5 day reset your metabolism and on the average loss 6 lbs, / extra shakes for 28 days-  shakes for 21 days 2 a day and 7 days with 1 shake a day  /  cellstentials, probiotics,calcium supplements /  28 day support program / shaker bottle,                                                                                                                                      value 706.00  Price is $474.00 
  2. Be Healthy 28 day basic Package :      For those ready to change your lifestyle and get you on a path of real health and reaching your goal!                                                                              It includes :   Meal replacement shakes for 21 days 1 a day / cellstentials, probiotics supplements / 28 day support program / shaker bottle.                                           value 459.  Price $247.00                
  3. Be Healthy Package :  Feel good about your size and want to maintain it over the holidays with an additional energy  boost you might be looking for.                                                         Includes:    Meal Replacement shakes for 18 days 1 a day/ cellstentials / shaker bottle / 28 day support program.                                                                                              valued 347.00  Price $155.00
  4. Be Healthy Program (No Products) : Just looking for support to prevent the holiday weight gain?                                                                                                                                                     (This is the 28 day support program listed above)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  value $199   Price $28.00
Each of these programs will help you with some of the daily struggles that so many of us face each day such as – extra weight, junk food cravings, poor eating habits, poor sleep habits, lack of exercise and low energy to name a few.  I am also happy to help you make your own option and personalize your program to fit your needs.
With the utmost sincerity I invite you to consider being a part of our 28 Day health challenge in pursuant to a healthier and more energetic life!!!  You deserve it so do something for yourself today.
Ready to get started? Click on your Prefered Package and Order Today!