Author: Dianna

Pre-Advanced Tumbling

We will be focused on continuing your child’s improvement on techniques & skills while beginning to learn more advanced leveled skills. Skills back handsprings front handsprings round-off back handspring front and back walkovers back extension handstands

Intermediate Tumbling

We will be helping your child improve and master the basic fundamentals and skills while learning and developing new techniques and skills.  Skills backbends kickovers round-offs cartwheels (both right and left handed) one-handed cartwheels handstands prep for front and back handsprings

Beginning Tumbling

Randy’s will begin to help your child develop the basic fundamentals and skills of tumbling along with flexibility and strength  Skills forward rolls backward rolls cartwheels handstands spider walks

Randy’s Photo Opp

Randy’s is pleased to present our “Randy’s Photo Opp Giveaway”. To participate in this giveaway: You must have a public Instagram account. All photos and videos must be taken at Randy’s and be tagged using #randystumbling #rtxphotoopp #randysxtreme Only photos and videos tagged between open contest dates are eligible for giveaway. 11 Punch Pass will […]

Annual Passes

Get the best deal at Randy’s with an Annual Pass. We have 4 different annual passes: Individual Unlimited Pass Family Unlimited Pass Individual Limited Pass Family Limited Pass Unlimited passes gives you the ability to attendĀ ALL adventure times, ninja warrior training’s, and tumbling nights by just presenting your pass. Limited passes only gives you the […]