Get The Know

Ninja Warrior Camp

Randy’s has teamed up with the American Minor League Ninja to bring you this unique opportunity.

A 5 day Ninja Warrior Camp, the first 3 days of this camp will be held at Randy’s Tumbling and Xtreme Fun in Chubbuck, the final 2 days will be held in Fort Hall with professional Ninja Warrior Competitors for the TV show.

Both camps one price $175

Sign up by August 14th and receive a T-shirt and Swag Bag.

Randya’s Tumbling & Xtreme Fun Fort Hall
August 17th, 18th, & 19th
11am – 12am & 3pm – 5pm
August 20th & 21st
9am – 5pm

Attention Parents

At this time we would like to remind those who are staying to observe their students class(es) to be respectful to those around them.

  1. Please limit parental/guardian observers to ONE per student(s) and keep small children close.
  2. The use of masks in our observation area is strongly recommended.

We are here for you and your family! You are missed!

Update to Covid 19 – Reopening

It seems like ages ago when we were all together. We are living in unprecedented times, for all of us. It is hard to figure out our new way of life and all of its adjustments. As we have been staying sheltered and safe we have also been working on a summer plan for operation that will be safe according to guidelines and keep our customers and employees safe and protected as well as relieve the stress & mental anxiety you, your children and family may be feeling.

Randy’s up most concern is for the well-being of our customers, patients, teachers and staff. Randy’s has always thought of each of you and your children as family and we want to foster core values such as respect, honesty, kindness, courage, and trust. As we reopen Randy’s to classes and for the public our purpose is to help you with scheduling summer classes easily and convenient, as you organize your life and give you the control you deserve along with some great savings.

As we re-open we want you to be assured that we have made several changes from cleanliness, to security cameras, new policies for protecting everyone with social distancing and respecting everyone’s emotion and needs. We are here for you if you have concerns or suggestions please let us know, here at Randy’s, we are unable to fix problems we are unaware of.

Thank you for your support and coming back to Randy’s. We are looking forward to seeing all of you again and enjoying a summer together!

RANDY’S WILL BE OPENNING THIS FRIDAY – MAY 22nd We will be having several sessions with time to clean in between. We also will be limiting the number of people allowed in. Please check our schedule for Adventure Time. HOPE to see you there!