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Randy’s Covid-19 Update

Randy’s will be reopening for classes on May 4th.

Class schedules have changed due to regulations for public safety. Please review the schedule clicking here.

Private make up classes will be available during the day. To schedule your make up during the day click here and select the date and time you would like to do your make up. Be sure to put participates name when completing the process. There is a limit to how many students will be allowed into each time slot (5). If you have multiple students in your house hold you will have to schedule each one.

Holiday Specials 2019

Sale ends December 20th, 2019

All punch passes are 50% off original value. Limit a total of 5 per customer.

10 punch value $100 – special $50

5 punch value $50 – special $25

All yearly pass is 25% off the original cost

Individual yearly pass $425 – special $319

Family yearly pass* $1200 – special $900
*Good for 6 family members

First 25 private parties booked and paid in full recieve 25% off

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Randy’s Photo Opp

Randy’s is pleased to present our “Randy’s Photo Opp Giveaway”.

To participate in this giveaway:
  1. You must have a public Instagram account.
  2. All photos and videos must be taken at Randy’s and be tagged using #randystumbling #rtxphotoopp #randysxtreme
  3. Only photos and videos tagged between open contest dates are eligible for giveaway.
11 Punch Pass will be given away at the close of the giveaway and winners will be posted.
We look forward to seeing all your awesome photos and videos.
Giveaway closes December 21, 2018.

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